#wcw- Ellie Goulding. This woman has become my biggest inspiration through the past few years. Her music and lyrics take me to places only she can. I love you, beautiful! @elliegoulding

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You have a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes. Not only that but you have the personality of an angel. yet you are imperfect and broken. and that's what I love most about you. I admire your outlook and your persistence in life... you really are one of a kind, Alvaro. and if someone ever tries to tell you that, get as far away from that person as possible because you shouldn't associate with lying scum. <3

Wow… I am truly speechless. Thank you so much. It’s hard enough as it is growing up and figuring yourself out but hearing this from someone even if they’re anonymous really makes me feel good :) Thanks again and please don’t be a stranger and come off of anon! <3 

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Can you imagine the conversation though?
Queen: I’m going
Chief of Staff: But, Your Majesty, the security risks…
Queen: I’m going I want cake 
Chief of Staff:
Chief of Staff: 
Queen: I want cake


i hate porn. “ohh fuck my ass!!!” you fuck your own damn ass

Acceptance is the key to be truly free.


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

It still makes me a little emotional, just to see how quickly everything kind of changes that it changes so fast.

Shameless selfie of my furry butt. Might need a spanking&#8230; ;)

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